My Top and Flop Pick of Places to Eat

Back to one of my favourite topics: Food!


One thing I really wanted to do with this blog is review places to eat around London. I will try to every month or so choose a restaurant that I’ve been quite impressed with, and also pick one, that you may wish to avoid! This of course will depend on how often I go out to eat, and as winter approaches, I may just find myself hibernating at home, with the number of a decent Indian takeaway saved in my Favourites list on my i phone.


I have tried a few places for the first time in recent weeks, and feel a couple of them are worthy of a mention. My “Top” pick is Wahaca, located on Waterloo Road. It’s a fresh and vibrant bar and restaurant specialising in Mexican street food. The first time I went in I was early in meeting with a friend. Before you head down a flight of stairs to the main restaurant, there is a cute reception area with an unusual basin where you can rid your hands of bacteria. This was a good sign because it implied that diners had permission to get messy and eat with their hands. (I still chuckle remembering my “Miranda” moment, when led by my curiosity I almost fell into the basin when trying to wash my hands).


wahaca stairs

Moving downstairs, the atmosphere has a cool trendy type of vibe to it. The waiters, who are nice and friendly, tell you their names and encourage you to yell at them when you want service. The menu is so vast, that it makes it almost impossible to choose just one thing (that was my excuse anyway). It also meant that I was already planning my next visit in anticipation of getting to try out some of the other beautiful sounding delights, such as some of the Tostadas and Quesadillas.


I ended up going for a grilled chicken main with black beans and rice. It fulfilled the criteria I always look out for – was it full of flavour? Did it leave me feeling like I’d just eaten a main course and not a starter? Was it like something I’d never had before anywhere else? I also had side of plantain and sweet potato fries, which were shared between my friend and I (I feel I must stress). The plantain came wrapped in a tortilla with salsa and guacamole dressing. It was an interesting way to serve plantain, although when it comes to plantain, my only requirement is that it is fried. That being said, it’s the interesting twist on Mexican food that makes this place special, and with all the style, there is no compromise with substance.


My “Flop” pick has to be Byron. I had heard such positive things about the place that when my partner and I were trying to decide which one of the Greenwich pier restaurants to stop off at, I convinced him to give it a try, which wasn’t easy as he was put off by the poster outside boasting of “Proper Burgers!”.


Why would anybody do this?

Why would anybody do this?


There are picturesque views of the river and skyline on the left hand side of the restaurant. And that I’m afraid is as far as my positive comments can go about this restaurant. There wasn’t much to choose from on the menu, which seemed to comprise of burger, cheeseburger, or burger with cheese and bacon. I went for the burger. For something as simple as a burger, it would be hard to go wrong. But they did. The gherkin was strangely on the side of the plate, laid delicately as though it were some kind of dressing. Why would I want my gherkin on the side? Another grievance was caused by waitress recommending courgette fries. “That’s what everyone comes here for” she said. We ended up trying them, (though regular fries as too, as I wasn’t convinced) and unsurprisingly, I preferred the regular fries. Some things were just not meant to be, and sliced courgettes disguised as fries, are one such thing. When it comes to food, I’ll try anything once. But I’ll be saying bye bye to Byron, for good, as I don’t plan on going back.

Nice Views. Shame about the food.

Nice Views. Shame about the food.

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2 thoughts on “My Top and Flop Pick of Places to Eat

  1. Nice entrance and the food looked good. I have my ‘tried and true’ around London, so will take your advice and not get a burger at Byron’s. What is with that pickle?

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